Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cassini photos of Saturn and its environs

Cassini photos of Saturn, its rings, and its moons, as seen here http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2009/04/cassinis_continued_mission.html, are simultaneously amazing and awe-inspiring. It is further serendipity that I am currently reading Jack McDevitt's Academy series; the one where the first book features the monument on Iapetus, whose surface is captured in glorious detail by Cassini.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Another bit.ly test

Hmm, the API key didn't work. One more try.

Bit.Ly test

Now that I have twitterfeed posting to ping.fm, and from there to twitter and identi.ca, I'm trying one last time to get a shortened URL that does not contain "ping.fm" in it, for people behind websense or the like. This post will check the activity of a bit.ly account (not anonymous) as the shortener in twitterfeed. Let's hope this works!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Twitterfeed Test

Well, twitterfeed through Ping seemed to update both Twitter and Identica, but the url shortener has a ping domain which is blocked at work. Trying something else now. This may be a many-post day trying to get this set up.

Another test

Well, it seems that Ping.fm is great for cross-posting my tweets to identi.ca but it didn't take the previous blog post. So, let's try Twitterfeed feeding Ping.

Ping.Fm and the social-interaction revolution

We are witnessing a social-interaction revolution. First blogging, and then micro-blogging, have taken cyberspace by storm. With so many different options and niches, it may be difficult to manage all of one's separate service providers. There is a service, Ping.Fm, which promises to handle that. You can set it to accept feeds from one service and cross-post them to others. You can specify three different kinds of feeds (status, blog, and microblog) to decide which goes where; you can set up special tags to post to s defined subset of feeds, or you can even specify a particular feed. This blog entry is being made to test if Ping.fm is going to handle blogger posts the way I expect. Enjoy!